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The Russian Excerpt

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Chapter One

The Russian’s words were persuasive, his touch electric, his gentle accent playing across her senses as he smoothed his fingers down her spine and circled their tips seductively over her bare hot spanked bottom.

“I will give you everything you need. You will want for nothing,” he whispered, his breath brushing the skin on her ear, making her flesh tingle with anticipation.

“I will be under your rule just as I was under his,” she sounded unsure.

She could almost feel the gentle smile curving his sensuous lips while he stood behind her clamping his hand over her wrists he had stretched up above her head against the wall so he could hold her firmly in place when he’d spanked her bottom. He continued his caress making her pussy throb with need.

“Yes. But I am not a brutal man like your husband. Under my dominance you will be safe, protected, loved and cared for. I know it is what you crave, Diana. I can give you it all and you will not regret it.” His fingers moved inwards between her thighs to caress the tender skin there.

“What if I refuse?” she asked breathlessly.

The Russian sighed.

“I am being polite in giving you a choice, little one but you are in danger here. I will not stand for his mistreatment of you any longer. If you refuse, I will take the choice away and simply take you.”

Now he was moving his fingers inside the wet folds of her vagina, easing some of the painful need with his touch. Diana’s breath caught in her throat as she savoured the moment dulling her shock at his words. It was a clever seduction. But could she trust him? She bit her lip trying to keep her senses intact.

“You would just kidnap me?”

“Yes, little one. I would. I will hide where he will never find you to keep you safe. The moment he let me mount you and drive deep inside you to settle his debt,” the Russian’s middle finger slid inside her and pulsed gently in and out of her body causing her to involuntarily push down on the rhythm he set. His voice lowered to a dark velvet whisper as he finished his sentence, “…you became mine. There is no escape, little one. I will never let you go.”


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