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The Man In Black

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Loneliness is a myth. Everyone, regardless of gender, race or religion on this planet has someone who accompanies them through this journey called life. Even if you can’t yet see them, they are standing patiently by your side, loving, advising and protecting you. All you have to do is open your heart and listen to them. Ever wondered who they are?

I met my spirit guide and twin flame when I wrote a fictional story about a handsome young Victorian hero. I never expected him to leap off the page and become a reality in my life, laying claim to me as his wife from many lifetimes across the world and in other dimensions.

This is the diary of a hapless, self loathing, sceptical author forced to confront her painful inner truth and demons with the help of a man dressed in a black suit as her spirit guardian and the army he brought with him who crossed space, time and dimensions to love, protect and appreciate who she truly was to the world.

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1 review for The Man In Black

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Really interesting book. I enjoyed it so much as it gave an insight to what I have been experiencing. Whether you are a believer or not this book will give you something!

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