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Protecting Helena Excerpt

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Excerpt Protecting Helena

Chapter One

When Mark Fox wasn’t protecting his latest charge assigned to him, he loved to ride horses and women so much so he was nicknamed the jockey by his friends. This summer evening, he was spending at the ancestral home in Hertfordshire, England, was no exception. A quick bracing horse ride with a female family friend had moved on to the stable and now Mark was bridling Lucy Tate for the ride of her life.

Mark fastened the bridle around Lucy’s head before turning his attention to gently push the bit further in to her mouth. A short while ago on their return from their ride, Mark had given the two horses to the groom then firmly taken her arm and led her in to one of the stalls. Catching her unawares he’d placed his arm under her legs and scooped her slender form up in to his arms to throw her in to the big pile of hay in the corner. With a shriek, she tried to sit up but he pounced as lithe as a panther to pin her down beneath him. Her shocked expression at having found herself so quickly on her back underneath him faded as she looked up in to his eyes with lust and a knowing of what was to follow. Mark grinned down at her. Sex was always intense between them but that was all it was. Both were preoccupied with their careers and they only desired sexual gratification. They were simply friends with benefits.

Lucy was one of three beautiful women Mark entertained his strong sexual drive with but he had never introduced her to the sexual dominance games he loved to play the most. He was a natural dominant and craved a submissive woman to master. If he ever dared to settle down with one woman the relationship would need to be one of dominant and submissive. He would not consider it any other way. Mark wondered if there was such a woman out there for him now. They were all hell bent on getting power and wielding it over men in a revenge attack for having been kept down in the world. He liked to pride himself on not having been one of those men in the world who deserved to get an ass kicking. He had no trouble with powerful women as long as in their personal relationship with him, he was in charge. It was a strange type of feminism he believed in but one he was more than sure he could accommodate with the right women should she be brave enough to try it in the present social climate.

Today he wanted to ride Lucy like one of the mares in the stable. Mark took hold of both sides of her pretty blue shirt and ripped it apart. Lucy bucked upwards against him brushing her pussy clothed in her jodhpurs against his own sheathed cock moaning with contentment. He quickly removed the garment undid her bra. Lifting the cups away from her small but pert breasts up her long arms towards her hands, he expertly used the bra’s cups and straps to restrain her wrists above her head. The need in her eyes strengthened. He’d tied her up in sex before but that was as far as it had gone. Time to experiment.

“Are we going to play, Mark?” she breathed.

A dark smile lit his handsome features as he trailed the tips of his fingers down her cheek then her delicate throat to curve around a breast. He bent his lips and sucked the tight nipple in between his teeth before sweeping his hands down over her flat stomach towards her jodhpurs. He opened them and slipped his hand inside, deliberately making his movements slow and gentle, building Lucy’s arousal to the point he could completely dominate her. He reached downwards and cupped her sex. She loved her pussy to be held. Pressing down with his middle finger he inserted it between her already juicy folds and slowly stroked its length exerting enough pressure to make her ache for him to penetrate her, circling the tip of her clit as he did. The touch was light and teasing. He looked down at her always amused by the way she coyly closed her eyes refusing to look up at him when he intimately touched her. She cried out with the loss when he removed his hand and started pulling off her riding boots, her jodhpurs and panties in one go.

Time to get a little rough, he decided pushing her legs apart to swat his hand carefully but firmly over the dampening v shape nestled at the top of them. She jumped in surprised response but he was already turning her naked body over on to her front on top of the hay to slap his hand over her bare bottom cheek. He loved the way his slap generated a fresh rosy glow to her delicate skin and repeated the action. He waited a second, a grin on his face after she’d yelped with the force he used expecting her to complain. When she didn’t he continued.

“I have been waiting for the opportunity to spank you like a naughty little girl for jumping that dangerous hedge today,” his voice was playful but there was no mistaking that he meant it. He circled his fingers around her blushed flesh admiring the colour. “You aren’t as competent a rider as I am yet. You took a chance . . .”

“Oh, Mark you are so old fashioned,” she laughed interrupting him. “So over protective. Always wanting to keep everyone safe. I suppose I can’t blame you, it is your job to protect after all but I can look after myself . . .”

“No, you can’t. You could have been badly hurt. My sister came off her horse jumping that hedge when she was a teenager and just started to ride. She ended up in a coma for a week.” he reminded her in a serious tone.

“I remember. I’m sorry Mark.”

“You should be, Lucy. You are a good friend and I don’t want any harm to come to you so that is why . . .” the humour returned to his voice. “I am going to have to teach you a lesson and spank you.”

“What? No. It will hurt,” she spoke like a child and tried to lift her body off the hay to escape but was unable to move effectively with her tied hands.

Mark swept his arm underneath her body and lifted the lower half of her body off the hay so that her bare bottom was raised in the air. Placing his hand on her back to hold her in place, he started to spank her hard, raising his large male palm to deliver two strikes in quick succession first on one cheek and then the next.


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