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Lord of the Manor

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The year is 2041 in Hertfordshire, England. Most of the world’s female population has been wiped out by a virus and many men have been left infertile. Only a chosen few men appear to be able to procreate and the human race is in danger of becoming extinct. In an effort to repopulate, governments order fertile men to take multiple wives for breeding.

Handsome fertile billionaire, Richard Templar has capitalised on the situation. He owns an exclusive establishment called The Manor where women who dissent are disciplined and those who run and seek to resist the law are hunted and captured to be sold to men for their harems

Richard has any female he wishes at his disposal but goes weary, secretly yearning to find true love with only one woman. One day whilst leading a hunt for clients, he captures Rose, a feisty young lady who refuses to obey him or any rules. Taken with her, he believes he has found the woman he has been looking for.

But will he break the law and risk the penalty of death to be with her and only her?


Publisher's Warning: Please note this book contains scenes of BDSM in a dystopian setting, spanking, caning, breeding, enema and more. If this type of material offends you, please do not buy this book.



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Sample Chapter

Richard sat on top of his black stallion and used his enhanced binoculars to see across the large meadow and in to the trees on the other side. The infrared picked up thirteen women hiding in the trees. He raised his hand and beckoned forth the other riders made up of his own men and ten clients.
“They are hiding in the trees. I don’t think they believe they have been spotted. We need to move quickly but remember what I said I don’t want them frightened and use the technique I showed you to subdue them. If you capture a woman make sure she is reassured that you will take care of her. If I find one overly distressed woman I will take the matter further with you,” Richard’s warning was stark. He meant every word. The men nodded solemnly and convinced they could be relied upon to execute his orders as hunt master, he moved his horse off in to a gallop.
The thrill of the chase was upon them. Richard checked his rope and headed straight for the trees. As he entered them the women were scattering in a panic. Again, many of them looked half starved. The hunting party dispersed in all directions to chase them down but Richard locked eyes with a dark chestnut haired beauty who glared back at him with defiant turquoise eyes. She was a beautiful creature. Her body was curved, her breasts plump and her bottom was pert and round in the grey jumpsuit she was wearing. From the moment he set eyes on her the woman’s innocence and defiance intrigued and captured his attention. He made her the object of his chase. Raising his rope, he swung it as she ran in front of him and prepared to bring her down to the ground. But she was cunning.
She moved from tree to tree dodging the rope he prepared to lasso her with forcing the hunt master to swerve his horse and negotiate the natural obstacles. But fortune was to be on Richard’s side. Glancing around to grin with triumph at her success, the woman lost her footing and tripped over a tree root and fell to the forest floor.
Richard was quick to take advantage. He trotted his horse up beside her as she tried to recover her position and perfectly arced the rope to bring it around her waist trapping her hands and arms around her body. The effect was to push her back on to the soft ground. He pulled the rope tight and as she began to kick and scream with anger at being caught. With a smile he dismounted his horse and kept the rope tight in his hand watching the helpless female struggle to evade her bindings. She looked like a small child having a tantrum.
The Hunt Master stood dominant and proud over her in his shiny black riding boots, close fitting tight white jodhpurs covering his muscled thighs, red jacket, the rope that held her captured form in one hand and a riding crop in the other. He bent down in front of her.
“Calm yourself and accept your fate. You are safe and will be well taken care of. I promise you that. If you do not I shall have to take my riding crop to your bottom until you do.”
When the woman cursed him Richard took hold of the thin material of her wretched outfit and ripped it open over her bottom. Then he tore the brief white panties until her bottom was bared. On his haunches he brought the tip of the crop down across her bottom in quick succession making her yelp. This was a battle he would win.


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