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Hidden Agenda

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London, 1996

Alessandro Maderno is out for revenge. He arranges to meet with a man who will give him a tape containing enough evidence to secure the arrest and downfall of Maderno’s Mafia grandfather, Vadala, who is over zealous in attempting to bring him back in to the family fold to be his successor.

But Alessandro’s plans are thwarted when he is caught up in an explosion caused by the environmental terrorists, Voice of the Earth. He helps a beautiful young surgeon, Giselle Balmain while she tries to save his dying informant. Unable to find the evidence on the man’s dead body, Alessandro knows he must have given it to Giselle before he died. Before he can challenge her and retrieve the tape before she takes it to the police, they are chased though the damaged streets of London by his grandfather’s men determined to destroy the evidence.

Giselle finds herself falling quickly for Alessandro who will stop at nothing to get the tape, protect her from Vadala and take her to his bed. But she is equally determined to get the tape to the police and help bring the terrorists to justice. Forced to go on the run after her armed police guards are shot and she is falsely accused of working for the terrorist group, Giselle has no choice but to take refuge with Alessandro and the Mafia.

A passionate affair between the two erupts dangerously putting both of their lives in danger as Giselle fights to stop the group carrying out their act. She discovers there is more to her protector than he is allowing her to see and although he assures her he wishes to help her, she can't help wondering if her love for him will be the death of her.

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Sample Chapter

Jane stood quickly, letting out a horrified sob and picked up her glass of red wine to throw the whole contents in to Giselle’s face. The whole room fell silent as everyone turned to look at a drenched Giselle. Jane ran out of the restaurant sobbing, leaving Giselle no choice but to face her embarrassment with her stained blue and white summer dress. Wiping at her wet face, she bent her head and moved quickly towards the bathroom.
But as she ran crying down the steps to the large ladies powder room, she felt an arm wind around her waist as she reached the bottom step and lift her up in to Alessandro Maderno’s arms.
Holding her up against his waist, he took her in to a room off the side next to the powder room. Carefully, he lowered her to the floor and snatched her bag. Her efforts to hang on to it were futile. Alessandro tossed it to Maurizo who was locking the door behind them.
“What are you doing?” Giselle was frantic, still wiping wine from her eyes. To her surprise, Alessandro pulled out his white handkerchief from his black suit jacket pocket and handed it to her.
“I told you I want the tape. I know whomever you spoke to give it back to you. Whoever did this and whatever you are planning is going to get you killed.”
Giselle nodded thanks and began wiping her face, neck and ruined clothes.
“Now give the tape to me. I know it isn’t in your home, because I’ve just had it searched from top to bottom.”
“You ransacked my flat?” She was outraged until she noticed the bruise on his face. “Are you all right? I’ve been wondering all night if…” She stopped, watching Maurizo tip the contents of her bag on to the floor. “Hey, what the hell are you doing?”
Alessandro caught her wrist and pulled her back against him, holding her tight.
“Searching your bag for the tape. I have been too lenient with you, Giselle. I need that tape and I am going to do whatever I need to get it. This time I mean it.”
“I will scream the place down if…”
Alessandro clamped his hand over her mouth and held her backwards against his chest. She struggled, but his male strength could not be tested.
Maurizo bent down and sifted through the bottle of perfume, lipstick, purse and assorted receipts that had littered her bag. Failing to find anything, he searched the other compartments in her bag and then angrily threw the bag down on top of the contents that were now strewn over the middle of the table.
“Damn it, Giselle. I know you have it with you. It’s just a matter of time before I find it. Maybe I can persuade you another way. I think you need to be disciplined with a bare bottom spanking until you see the error of your ways and give up the tape.” He grinned, amused by his words. “I owe you a hard spanking, little girl, as it is. Once your bum is hot and red, you’ll be eager to give up the tape.”
Giselle looked up at him feeling breathless and unable to voice her protest over the hand he still held firmly clamped over her mouth. He wouldn’t dare spank her, not here. He couldn’t. Could he? He seemed so determined to get the tape this time, he might just do it.
“Maurizo, leave the room and stand outside. I need someone to keep guard,” he told the man.
“The restaurant owner has already been bribed. No one will disturb us,” Maurizo said on his way out.
The moment he was gone, Alessandro swung Giselle back against the wall. He pressed his body close, his face level with hers, his lips just mere inches from her own.
“I want you to tell me where the tape is, Giselle, or I am going to spank you and strip search you. The spanking you can’t get out of, but being stripped completely naked is negotiable if you are a good girl.” His voice was a smooth dark velvet caress against her skin.




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