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Given To The Beast

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Alexa is kidnapped from her home by two handsome strangers, Max and Thomas after they inform her she has been sold to their mysterious employer by her father. After spanking her for being feisty and resisting her fate, they carry her to an aircraft and fly her out of the UK to an unknown Nordic destination.

On arrival at the castle she is confined in a series of opulent regal rooms after undergoing an intense intimate medical examination for which her new Master is present and views in a Venetian mask.

Max and Thomas care for her every need and discipline her with a spanking when needed. Each night they prepare her for being mounted by her Dominant Venetian masked Master. Soon, Alexa falls in love with her new Master but is disappointed when he will not reveal his face.

Can Alexa discover the true identity of the man underneath the mask she has come to love and obey? And, if she does, will she reject him?

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Sample Chapter

I stood naked before the marble fireplace watching the bright orange flames dance and flicker across my pale soft skin in the dark room. I had been given to him to repay a debt and now I was his to do with as he pleased. I sensed a strong powerful presence in the room but I could not see a figure. It had been a day and yet I had still not seen my Master’s face. The sound of leather creasing as though someone was sitting down forced me to turn my eyes away from the fire towards the back of the small intimate room. A small lamp was switched on illuminating a chair.

A large throne like leather chair had been positioned so that its high back faced me. I could see someone was sitting in it by the two long legs sitting crossed at the feet and resting on the floor. The man leant his elbow on the arm of the chair. He was obviously wearing a suit, perhaps even a tuxedo by the way his arm was clothed in black with an exposed white shirt cuff and silver cufflink.

He curled one of his manicured fingers and beckoned me.

“Come to me, little one,” he said softly in an English voice yet there was a hint of a Nordic accent giving me a clue as to my whereabouts. I had been brought to the castle clandestinely and given no idea as to my whereabouts.

Nervously and still covering my breasts with my arm whilst cupping my sex to protect it, I began to walk forward ready to meet my captor and demand my freedom. But his hand thrust upwards and bade me halt.

“No. I want you on your hands and knees. Crawl to me. I will receive you no other way,” he told me imperiously.

Something feral stirred within me responding to the power and dominance my enigmatic mysterious captor was oozing simply from sitting in the chair and commanding me at will. A part of my soul was enjoying the way he was now ruling my life and it wanted to submit to him wholeheartedly. Crawling to him excited me yet defiance continued to plague me.

“Must I crawl? Must you demean me? I am already your property?”

The man gave a soft chuckle.

“I do not seek to demean you I simply require your submission. I am a Dominant male and I will only accept a submissive woman in my presence. I am not an unkind man I wish only to care for you and protect you. It is my natural state to be in control and your own is to be submissive.”

He spoke about my needs as though he knew them better than myself and it made me indignant.

“I am not naturally submissive,” I protested even though a voice inside told me I was lying.

“Oh but you are, little one. I know all about you and I would not have brought you here if I did not believe you were,” he said with humour in his tone.

I turned my head to the side straining to see if I could catch a glimpse of his face. I had spent the whole day imagining what he looked like. Would he be young or old? Handsome or ugly? Tall or short? Now I was about to find out. I felt damp between my thighs with anticipation.

“I won’t crawl. I am not submissive. I will submit to no man. They are not worthy of it,” I challenged.

Another pause and I fancied he was smiling.

“You will, little one. During your time here I will expose your submissive nature to you and destroy that obvious distrust you have placed in men and in yourself. Now lower your body to your hands and knees or I will redden that already spanked bottom a little more.”

My eyes widened and my hand flew to my bottom remembering my earlier spanking from one of the two men my Master had instructed to attend me. Not wishing to befall the same fate again I responded to his command and slowly lowered myself to my hands and knees on to the large wide cream rug covering the wooden floor. As I began to crawl cat like towards him I reflected on the day.


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